• Compact Convection Cooled Power Supply
  • Suitable for Portable CO2 Laser Systems
  • Long Run Products
  • No cooling fan required

Key Features

  • Ballastless Operation
  • Air  Cooled
  • Ultra Compact Size
  • Low Price


Output Power: 200W

Striking Voltage: 20KV

Operating Voltage: 4KV to 10KV

Output Configuration: Single Output, Positive/Negative

H.VOperating Current: Total up to 50 mA

Operating Mode: CW & PULSE

Pulse Rep. Rate: DC to 2KHz

Pulse Width: 100µs to DC

AC Input Voltage: 80-120V, or 180-240V *3)

Efficiency: Greater than 87%

Regulation: Less than 2%

Protection Mode: IGBT Over current, Over Temperature

Control Signal: 0-5V Ground referenced signals:LASER, POWER, FAULT, READY, POWER, GND, +5V, Refer to Control Signal for detail.
Options: No Option Available

Dimension: 1.50″(H)x4.70″(W)x7.30″(L) inch (excluding the flange)

Weight: 3.7 lb

Cooling: Convection Cooled