The USG Series Kilowatt High Power Laser Diode Driver/Pulse Generator delivers incredibly huge currents of 10KA & energy of 200 jule per single pulse.


  • Ultra-High Current Laser Diode Driver: Up to 10KA/100us QCW
  • Huge Power & Energy per Pulse: 2MW & 200 Jule per Single Pulse
  • Powerful QCW Capacitor Charging Power Supply for Kilowatt Laser Diode Driver: Tight feedback circuit to keep a stable and precise constant current
  • Huge Capacitor Bank: up to several F (Farad) for the Best Current Droop at High Current & Long Pulse
  • Touch Panel Control: Optional tablet terminal can be a touch screen control
  • High current/High voltage/High Speed Laser Diode Driver: 10KA/180V at 5us rise/fall time
  • Double Isolated USB 2.0 Interface for highest noise immunity in harsh industrial environments

USG-5000/QCW/USB 10KA  High Current Laser Diode Driver

  • Huge Pulsed Current Generator: Up to 10KA/100us per pulse
  • Easy Control: Everything is controlled by your Windows PC, or Optional Tablet Terminal
  • High Power: 5KW average power
  • Huge Energy Pulse Generator: 10KA/100us/1MW/200 jules per single pulse
  • Output Voltage Selection features to maximize the 100% output power at very low output voltage: USG-XXXX/QCW can maintain 100% of rated output power even at 30% of rated output voltage.  This is also a unique feature of LIC’s LD drivers.

USG-XXXX/QCW/USB Control Screen

USG-XXXX/QCW/USB – 10KA/100us – Maximum Pulse Current Waveform


Ultra-High Power Laser Diode Driver Specification:


CW average power: Up to 5KW (Air Cooled)
QCW power & energy: 2MW & 200 jule/pulse
QCW output voltage: up to 180V
QCW output current: Up to 10KA at 15 mohm resistive load
QCW pulse rate: Single Shot to 2KHz Maximum, +/-50ppm accuracy
QCW rise/fall time: 5us at 10KA/180V
QCW pulse width: 5us — 100 us
QCW pulse duty: Depends on the pulse setting
QCW current droop: Less than 1% at 10KA/100us
CW Output voltage: up to 180V
CW Output current: N/A
Ripple Current:  N/A
Operating mode: QCW
AC input voltage: 220V +/- 10%, three phase
Capacitor charging power supply: Built in, Up to 5KJ/S (Air Cooled)
Output voltage selection: 30%,60%, 100% optional
Protection circuits: 1) Switching over currents, 2) Load over currents, 3) Over load,
4) Over temperature, 5) Pulse width/pulse rate, 6) interlock
7) others (total 15 parameters) Refer to manual for detail.
Current monitor sensitivity: Depends on the models
Current display: Real time 10 digit A/D converter resolution
Voltage display: Real time 10 digit A/D converter resolution
Trigger mode: Internal pulse, External signal & Manual mode
Sync. output: IKO BNC
Sync. delay: Programmable On AWG window
External trigger input: IKO BNC
Pulse generator output: 2Vp-p, at 6000 impedance
Interface: Isolated USB2.O
Available driver: LabView
Control terminal: Windows base PC and Optional Tablet PC (Windows 7, 8.1 & 10)


Cooling: Forced air
Output cable: Custom made stripline 1m
Ambient operating temperature: 0-40 ‘C
Storage temperature: 0-80
Ambient humidity: Less than 80% (not condensed)
Dimensions: 9.7″ (H) x 17.0″ (W) x 22.0″ (L)
*1) Current droop depends on the pulse width selected.
*2) N/A
*3) N/A