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Repair Services

  • LIC Engineering's staff of experienced technicians can provide fast factory repair service, using exclusively authorized components and modules.
  • The repair price includes the cost of calibrating the unit to restore it to its original factory specifications.
  • Each repair is backed by a 90-day warranty beginning the day the product is shipped back.
  • We can provide repair services on many obsolete models, depending upon availability of parts.
  • To return a unit for repair, contact LIC Engineering and you'll receive a Return Authorization Number (RAN). To speed the process, please have the following information when contacting:

    1 Unit model number
    2 Unit serial number
    3 Your company's name
    4 Name and telephone of a contact person
    5 Description of the problem
  • Spare and Repair Parts
    Parts are available from the factory for spare or repair purposes. When ordering a part, please give the
    LIC Engineering model and serial number of your unit

  • Maintaining Your Productivity
    LIC Engineering supports all catalog products for a minimum of five (5) years after production ceases. Following this period, LIC Engineering will continue to offer support on a best effort basis. In this way LIC Engineering can help you to use your equipment productively for as long as possible.