Special Products

LIC Engineering has been designing and building laser related power supplies/devices for over 35 years. During this time, an extensive amount of experience has been accumulated in realizing and generating high voltage/high current/picoseconds-nanoseconds pulses and high efficient switch-mode power supplies.  The experience reflects to many products that LIC Engineering builds today:

LPC-XXXX high speed Pockels Cell Driver/Pulse Generator is designed for space & weight limited special applications.  The rise time is less than 2ns and yet the output voltage can be up to 15KV.

Miniaturization and ultra high speed technology are the speciality of LIC Engineering.

  • Dimension only by 50 mmx15mmx7.3mm
  • Weighs only 15g
  • Miniature High Voltage/High Speed Pulse Generator
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LSP-2500-XXX-XX is designed for driving Vcsel (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser)  diode and  for high speed, high voltage, high current pulse applications that includes:

  • High Current Pulse Generator
  • Pockels Cell Driver
  • High Voltage Pulse Generator
  • H.V Trigger Circuit
  • Thyratron Replacement
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  • HVC-XXXX is high power, high voltage/high current pulse generator/switch capable of 30KV/500A
  • Compact Design achieved by using new device & technology
  • Complete Square Wave Output
  • High Efficient built in Power Supply accomplished by a zero-current switching
  • 50ppm Crystal Oscillator & Low Jitter PLL Pulse Generator
  • Direct Stripline for any output impedance
  • All functions are controlled by cusomer's PC
  • Double Isolated USB Interface for the highest noise immunity in the harsh industrial environment
  • Competitive Price
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  • High Power/High Speed Pulse Generator: 500V/500A at 500ps-5ns rise/fall time, minimum pulse width of 10ns.
  • Precise Pulse Setting: Pulse Parameter of 0.001Hz-5MHz & 10ns-1000S
  • Complete Square Wave Output
  • 50ppm Crystal Oscillator & Low Jitter PLL Pulse Generator
  • Competitive Price
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Narrow Pulse,High Current Pulse Generator. 

LS-1000 high frequency, high Current Pulse Generator can achieve the pulse rate up to 100KHz with the pulse width of 10ns-50ns.

  • Nanoseconds Pulser: Maximum frequency up to 100KHz
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Driver for Vcsel LD/High Current Pulser: Up to 500A
  • High Peak Power: Up to 1KW average power
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High Power High Voltage Power Supply: Voltage to 25KV and Output Power to 25KW
Compact & High Efficiency DC Power Supply:
Liquid-Cooled 25KW with 97% Efficiency

Unique Core Design:The output transformers are very thin---that helps the heat conduction effectively to the water channel and keeps the H.V components’s operating temperature low. This results in the highly reliable and the most compact switch-mode CO2 laser power supply.

Series Resonant Topology:Since the first product was developed in early 1980s, Lic’s switch-mode CO2 laser power supply has used the series resonant topology, which make a switching current "sinusoidal", or ”zero-current switching” to make the switching loss minimal and is able to push a very high current into the secondary circuit in very short time. This zero-current switching technology makes Lic’s products high efficient, compact, and reliable power supply.

AZCS (Auto-Zero-Current Switching):AZCS (used for CSF-25000-series) enables  IGBT to switch at almost zero current over the entire operating range. When AC voltage, or load impedance is changed, the AZCS automatically finds an optimum operating condition.

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  • LSP-XXXX-XX series high power laser diode driver/power supply, high current pulser and high voltage pulse generator have many models from 500A-5KA, the output voltages from 1.4KV to 15KV and the rise time from picoseconds to nanoseconds. Applications include:
  • High Current Pulse Generator: From 500A to 5KA
  • High Voltage Pulse Generator: From 500V to 15KV
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Power Supply
  • Pulse Rate from 1Hz to 10KHz
  • LSP (Lic Super Pulse) Operation
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LSP-120 high speed laser diode driver/Pulse Generator is designed for space & weight limited special applications. It contains a built-in H.V power supply and oscillator so that user can supply only low DC voltage to operate the unit. It contains also a current monitor output.

  • Pulse Rate from 1Hz to 10KHz
  • Pulse Width from 5ns to 10ns
  • High Current from 0A to 120A
  • High Current Pulse Generator
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Narrow Pulse, Gas Discharge & High Frequency Laser Diode Drivers/High Current Pulse Generator. 

LS-XXXX -series high frequency, high pulsed laser diode drivers/power supplies, and gas discharge power supplies can achieve the pulse rate up to 5MHz with the pulse width of 5ns-50ns.

  • High Speed Laser Diode Driver: Maximum frequency up to 5MHz
  • Pulsed Laser Diode Driver/High Current Pulser: Up to 500A
  • High Peak Power Laser Diode Driver: Up to 2KW average power
  • Plasma Discharge Applications
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  • LIC Engineering has been designing and building Soft Switching Power Supplies for over 30 years.  The High Efficient Inverters/Converter products are the direct reflection of this extensive amount of experience.
  • Ultra High Efficiency: 96.4% (CEC Weighted 500W Micro-Inverter) to 98.8% (10KW DC-DC Converter
  • Power Range from: 500W to 15KW
  • Primary & secondary is Completely Isolated
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