LIC Engineering is one of world's leading providers of : high power laser diode driver, high speed laser diode driver, & high current laser diode driver, as well as liquid cooled power supply & high efficient power supplies.

 Serving Laser Industries

Since 1986

Touch Panel Controlled LD Driver:

up to 1500KW/5KA/2KV

Mega-Peak QCW Output Power

Ultra High Efficiency of 98.6%:

"10KW DC Transformer" or,

"Solid State Transformer"

Ultra-High Power Laser Diode Drivers/High Voltage, High Speed Pulser:

LWG-XXXX/QCW/USB & LDG-XXXX/QCW series high power laser diode drivers, high QCW LD driver deliver deliver up to:

2KV/5KA/150KW, 1.3KA/60ms Ultra-Long Pulse, or 2.7KA/800us/75V ultra-High Power rectangular pulse.
CW power is up to 25KW(water cooled), or 10KW (air cooled).

LSP-XXXX-XXX series high voltage/current, high speed, high pulsed power laser diode drivers can achieve the peak current up to 5KA, the peak voltage to15KV, and the rise time between 100ps and 15 ns.  LSP stands for Lic Super Pulse that reaches to 5KA peak current.
LS-XXXX-XXX series are designed for nanoseconds pulse energy applications such as gas discharge, Vcsel diode & research applications. The output can be up to 5MHz, CW power of 5KW, Current to 500A, Pulse width of 10 ns.

Very High Efficient Switch-Mode Power Supply:

Unique Core Design: Some of the output transformers are custom-made and very thin structure, which helps the heat conduction effectively to the air and water channel and keeps the component's operating temperature low.
Soft Switching Series Resonant Topology: Since the first product was developed in early 1980s, Lic’s switch-mode laser power supply has used the series resonant topology, which make a switching current "sinusoidal", or ”zero-current switching” to make the switching loss minimal and is able to push a very high current into the secondary circuit in very short time.  This zero-current switching technology makes Lic’s products very high efficient (up to 98.6% at 500W, & 98.8% at 10KW power level), compact, and reliable power supply.  Please contact factory for these special power supplies for your solar inverter applications:

Liquid-Cooled High Power Laser & Capacitor Charging Power Supplies:

LIC Engineering is the original development company for the world first solid-state Super-Pulse & Ballastless CO2 laser power supply in the early 1980's.  Since then LIC Engineering has been developing and manufacturing many laser related power supplies including: liquid cooled high power CO2/CO laser power supplies, capacitor charging power supplies, & Laser Diode power supplies. 

LIC Engineering's high power products feature soft switching and unique core design.  This technologies enable to generate very high current in short time and to make the products high conversion efficiency. The peak power of our Super-Pulse is 10 times higher than CW power and the conversion efficiency of our CO2 laser power supply reches to 97% at 25KW power level.

Special Products:

LIC Engineering uses MPC (Magnetic Pulse Compression) technology to generate high voltage/high pulsed currents with nano-seconds switching.
High Speed Plasma Discharge power supply: Pulse width of 20ns-100ns, Frequency between 10Hz and 5MHz, CW power to 8KW
High Power Pulse Generator: Up to 15KV/5KA/20ns
Ultra Stable CO2 laser power supply & Regulator: +/-0.5% with laser tube in place
Water Cooled Power Supply up to 25KW CW Power
High power/High voltage switch up to 30KV/500A/25KW

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For High Speed/High Power Laser Diode, Vcsel (vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) can be used.  Visit Princeton Optronics at:

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