LTR-10KW/400/200 - Ultra High Efficient Bi-Directional DC-DC

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  • LIC Engineering has put new concept into a Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter:
    It's so called "DC Transformer", or "Solid State Transformer" 
  • Very Compact & Light Weight Design: 10KW Bi-Directional DC-DC measures only 330x130x120 mm and weighs only 7kg.
  • Amazingly High Efficiency up to 98.6% (one direction)
  • Long MTBF due to the Soft Switching Technology
Key Features
  • LIC Engineering has been designing and building Soft Switching Power Supplies for over 30 years.  The High Efficient Inverters/Converter products are the direct reflection of this extensive amount of experience.
  • Ultra High Efficiency of 98.4% (98.6% for one direction) for a 10KW Bi-directional Power Supply
  • Primary & secondary is Completely Isolated



10KW "DC Transformer", or Isolated Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter Major Specification:
Electrical Efficiency at 10KW output power (DC in to DC out Efficiency):
98.4% (98.6% for one directional)
330x120x130 mm
Completely Isolated
Soft Switching:
Series Resonant Topology
Input DC Range:
Output DC: