LPC-XXXX - Ultra Miniature Pockels Cell Driver

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LPC-XXXX high speed Pockels Cell Driver/Pulse Generator is designed for space & weight limited special applications.  The rise time is less than 2ns and yet the output voltage can be up to 15KV.

Miniaturization and ultra high speed technology are the speciality of LIC Engineering.

  • Dimension only by 50 mmx15mmx7.3mm
  • Weighs only 15g
  • Miniature High Voltage/High Speed Pulse Generator
Key Features
  • Ultra Miniature size: Dimension only by 50mmx15mmx7.3mm
  • High Speed Pockels Driver: Less than 2ns rise time at 20PF load
  • Isolated Output
  • Output Voltage between 1KV and 5KV (possible to 15KV)



Output Voltage:
Up to 15KV*1)
Input DC Voltage
12V DC
Pulse Shape:
Fast rise & Decays with an exponential curve
Rise Time:
Less than 2ns at 25PF load
Maximum Puse Rate:
Up to 10KHz*2)
Output Terminal:
Flying H.V Wires
50.0 mmx15.0 mmx7.3 mm
Convection Air Cooled
The dimension is increased above 5KV.
Maximum Pulse Rate depends on the H.V power supply capacity.