LSP-120 - High Speed, Compact Pulse Generator & LD-Driver

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LSP-120 high speed laser diode driver/Pulse Generator is designed for space & weight limited special applications. It contains a built-in H.V power supply and oscillator so that user can supply only low DC voltage to operate the unit. It contains also a current monitor output.

  • Pulse Rate from 1Hz to 10KHz
  • Pulse Width from 5ns to 10ns
  • High Current from 0A to 120A
  • High Current Pulse Generator
Key Features
  • High Speed Diode Driver to 10KHz
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Fast Laser Diode Driver: Rise time of 2-3 ns
  • High Current of 120A
  • Built-in H.V power supply


Output Current:
Up to 120A Pulsed Peak Current
Output Voltage:
From 0V-1000V (User Controllable)
Pulse Shape:
Rise Time:
Pulse Width (typical):
5ns, 10ns *1)
Maximum Pulse Rate:
10KHz *2)
Output Terminal:
0.6"x0.6" Stripline
1.57"(W)x1.57"(L)x0.59"(H) excluding stripline.
3.4 OZ
Convection Air Cooled.
Note *1):
Pulse With is user selectable (Factory Set).
Note *2):
Maximum Pulse Rate depends on the capacity of the H.V source. Contact to Factory for detail.