LNS-XXXX/HP-USB - High Speed/High Power Pulse Generator-USB Controlled

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Product Manual
  • High Power/High Speed Pulse Generator: 500V/500A at 500ps-5ns rise/fall time, minimum pulse width of 10ns.
  • Precise Pulse Setting: Pulse Parameter of 0.001Hz-5MHz & 10ns-1000S
  • Complete Square Wave Output
  • 50ppm Crystal Oscillator & Low Jitter PLL Pulse Generator
  • Competitive Price
Key Features
  • Dual Voltages & Dual Device Controls to realize the high speed and the precise current control at the same time.  Vd & Vl value adjustment ensures the picosecond switching and precise constant current control.  This is a unique feature of LIC’s LD drivers.
  • Complete USB Control: Everything is controlled by user's PC
  • High speed current sensing device to sense and display in real time.  Output current is sampling and regulated every micro-seconds.  This technique guarantees the precise constant current control for customer’s wide range of Laser diodes. 
  • Output Voltage Selection feature to maximize the output power at very low output voltage.  With this function, LNS-XXXX/HP, LNS-XXXX/QCW can maintain 100% of rated output power even at 30% of rated output voltage.

    LNS-XXXX/HP/USB Control Screen

  • LNS-XXXX/QCW/HP/USB Waveforms

CW Average Power
Up to 200W
QCW Output Voltage
Up to 500V
QCW Output Current
Up to 500A
Output Configuration
Positive Output (standard)
Operating Mode
CW, or Pulse, toggled by a control screen
Pulse Rep. Rate
Single shot to 5MHz, 10ns step (Maximum rate depends on the model)
Pulse Rise Time
500ps-5ns (Depends on the model)
Pulse Width
10ns-1000s, 10ns step (Maximum/minimum pulse width depends on the model)
Pulse Duty
0-100% (10ns step)
*). Please refer to Pulse Setting Manual for detail of available pulse combinations.
Ripple Current
Less than 0.5% at a rated current
QCW Current Droop
Depends on Current Values and Pulse period.
AC Input Voltage
Greater than 80%
Current Monitor
50 Ohm BNC, 5-10mV/A
External Trigger
1 Kohm BNC Input
4.02"(H) x 10.16"(W) x 12.93"(L) inch,
10.8 lb.
Forced Air