LSP-2500-XXX-XX - High Voltage, High Current Pulse Generator/Plasma Discharge Driver

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LSP-2500-XXX-XX is designed for driving Vcsel (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser)  diode and  for high speed, high voltage, high current pulse applications that includes:

  • High Current Pulse Generator
  • Pockels Cell Driver
  • High Voltage Pulse Generator
  • H.V Trigger Circuit
  • Thyratron Replacement
Key Features
  • Ultra High peak Current Laser Diode Driver: Up to 5KA
  • Ultra High Voltage Laser Diode Driver/High Voltage Pulse Generator: to 15KV
  • Pulse Width: 10ns - several hundred nano-seconds
  • Rise Time: 3ns-15ns

LSP-2500-20N-15KV Waveforms

Narrowest Pulse


5KA Pulse



AC Input Voltage:115V-240V

Output Current:LSP (Lic Super Pulse):2.5KA-5KA, peak current

Output Voltage:15KV (User Selectable)

Average Output Power: 10W-1KW

Pulse Shape:Fast rise with an exponential curve

Rise Time:3ns-15ns

Pulse Width (typical):10ns-100ns*1)

Maximum Pulse Rate:1KHz*2)

External Pulse Input:50ohm BNC, 10-12V, 10ns rise time

Current Monitor:50ohm BNC, 100mV/A

Note *1):Pulse With is user selectable (Factory Set).

Note *2):Maximum Pulse Rate is depend on the capacity of the H.V source.Contact to Factory for detail.

Dimension (Including H.V power supply):6"(W)x8(L)x3"(H) - 17'(W)x13"(L)x5"(H) Excluding Stripline

Weight:5 lb - 30 lb

Cooling:Convection Air Cooled, or Forced Air Cooled