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LIC Engineering is one of world's leading companies for high current,

high voltage, high frequency, nano-pulse products. 

Its ultra high peak, high speed & high power laser diode

drivers, pulse power supplies and pulse generators, models LSP-,

LS-, & LD- series have been used for many defense, space

companies and laboratories in the US for many years.

Also for the past 30 years, LIC Engineering's soft switching, very high

efficient switch-mode power supplies CSF-, CPF-, CNF-,

and CPZ-series  have been used in many laser companies in the world

both as the original brand and OEM products. 

  • Very high efficient switch mode power supplies up to 98.6% & 
  • 98.8% (at 500W & 10KW power level respectively)
  • High power liquid cooled power supplies up to 25KW
  • Super Pulse and Ballastless CO2 laser power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies up to 50KV




Applications include:

  • Ultra High Current Laser Diode Driver
  • High Power Vcsel Laser Diode Driver
  • High Voltage/High Current Pulse Generator 
  • High Power Pico-nano-seconds Pulse
  • High Efficient Solar Inverters
  • Very High Efficient Switch-mode
    Power Supply
  • SuperPulse/Ballastless CO2 Laser
    Power Supply
  • High Power Liquid Cooled Power Supply
  • High Power Plasma Discharge
  • Ultra Miniature Pockels Cell Driver

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LSP-series's high voltage, high current &
high speed switches use all semiconductor
H.V switches and MPC (Magnetic Pulse
Compression) technology to generate
nanoseconds high voltage and current.
With this combination, the output voltage
ranges from 500V to 15KV, output current
ranges from 500A to 5KA and the rise time
is from 500ps to 15ns with pulse width from
5ns to several hundred nanoseconds.




Featured Product
  • LIC Engineering has put new concept into a Bi-Directional DC-DC Converter:
    It\'s so called \"DC Transformer\", or \"Solid State Transformer\" 
  • Very Compact & Light Weight Design: 10KW Bi-Directional DC-DC measures only 330x130x120 mm and weighs only 7kg.
  • Amazingly High Efficiency up to 98.6% (one direction)
  • Long MTBF due to the Soft Switching Technology
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